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Cut production costs with machine vision

Machine visionMachine vision always reduce production costs. Whether an improvement in product quality or by enabling automation of industrial processes that would not be possible with other technologies.
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Manometro JasVisio  offers you solutions on Machine Vision for all your production processesz. Product quality control, metrology and robots positioning.
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Caras Product quality is a key factor in the competitiveness of your business. Machine vision can help improve your quality control.
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CanInspector. Can seam defect inspection

Tuna cake CanInspector is a complete Machine Vision can seam control system. Don't let that seam defect cans reach the final customer.

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LinesMachine vision automates processes in different industrial areas, improving their production process.

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Tunchecker. Tuna cans industrial control through Machine Vision

TunChecker is a quality control system for of tuna cans out of the baler.

TunChecker check the texture of the tuna pills inline to find defects such as holes, ridges, crumbs, sangacho and foreign bodies.

The equipment is based on an advanced machine vision system. It creates a 3D scan of the tuna can and using modern image processing algorithms is able to discern flaws lozenge tuna as a human would. Unlike human inspection Tunchecker not fatigue and consistent performance of all production.


  • Analyze any type of shape, rectangular cans, oval or round.
  • Configurable for different tuna grades.
  • Processes up to 600 cans per minute.

Detectable defects:

  • Holes.
  • Flanges.
  • Sangacho.
  • Crumbs.

Foreign objects such as plastics, metals, etc.

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