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JasVisio develops machine vision systems for quality control, installation of parts and robot guidance. Our extensive experience in industries as diverse as automotive, food, pharmaceutical and packaging, we can offer vision solutions for automating industrial processes.

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Machine Vision in Packaging New Tunchecker Quality Control applied to tuna pads Reduce costs of production with a machine vision system and get ready for the future

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Your project in machine vision

Parts positioning, recognition, inspection and damage detection, non-contact metrology, robot guidance… Specialists in food, automotive, electronics, pharmaceutical, packaging and aquaculture.


Cut production costs with machine vision

Machine visionMachine vision always reduce production costs. Whether an improvement in product quality or by enabling automation of industrial processes that would not be possible with other technologies.
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Turnkey projects

Manometro JasVisio  offers you solutions on Machine Vision for all your production processesz. Product quality control, metrology and robots positioning.
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How can I improve competitiveness?

Caras Product quality is a key factor in the competitiveness of your business. Machine vision can help improve your quality control.
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CanInspector. Can seam defect inspection

Tuna cake CanInspector is a complete Machine Vision can seam control system. Don't let that seam defect cans reach the final customer.

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LinesMachine vision automates processes in different industrial areas, improving their production process.

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Machine Vision systems and robotics

JasVisio develops artificial vision systems for quality control, positioning of parts, recognition, inspection and fault detection, industrial non-contact metrology and robot guidance. Our extensive experience in industries as diverse as automotive, food, pharmaceutical and packaging, we can offer vision solutions applied to automate industrial processes.

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We develop, manufacture and install industrial vision systems, to perform inspection of parts, surface analysis, pattern recognition, process control and robotics.

JasVisio draft vision and creates turnkey systems with functional security and short delivery time with our software development VisioMint.

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Robot Gripper and test tube

The applied machine vision systems are used among other applications for recognition and inspection failures and detecting faults under the control of quality.

Other important projects are focused on applications of industrial robotics where vision plays a major role in robots guidance.

Technology and R & D + i

JasVisio participates in research projects and technological development to maintain levels of quality and technology-based projects required to develop advanced artificial vision and robotics.

The Industrial Technology Development Center has VisioMint Financing, software application development JasVisio machine vision.